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In what may not have been my wisest decision ever, mcd000 and I went in half and half on a Rock Band Squire Guitar. So I am picking up a guitar for the first time in my life. I am what is no doubt the most tedious part of the learning process--learning where the heck the strings and frets are. Oh and reprogramming my mind--that a note further right on the screen isn't closer to the body along the neck--it's closer to the floor.

I probably put in an hour-hour and a half, switching off with ghosteangel for another hour. I didn't quite pull a Brian Adams--"playing until my finger bled"--but my first finger (aka the pointer) is sore, as is my back--having to balance this new 5 lb weight.

I have never had guitar lessons--but what is interesting about doing it though RB3 is that while I am struggling to find frets and strings--the reward for finding the correct notes is not an in tune plonk but a whole section of music fitting into a whole band. Easy is ridiculously abstracted away from the songs--and may not even be music--but after 2 days it seems a good way to learn and make the tedium less.

I am sure I will be muttering interesting things when I have to start learning chords--but I imagine that is a couple of weeks away.


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