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XKCD: Usual Methods
Today's XKCD has me wanting to say "You're doing it wrong." Without taking away from the emotion of the piece--and Randall's willingness to take on big, hard, emotional issues, I have a problem with his alt text "My usual approach is useless here, too".

I have news for you, which it should not be...You will die. As will everyone around you. Hopefully in the right order--from oldest to youngest, at ripe old ages--but still--you and everyone around you will die. Not to be morbid, but you should be prepared, at least on some level, for death at all times.

Without being trite, if death isn't something your usual approach can't handle, you're doing it wrong.
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i think that's his point...his "usual approach" is to make light (or even snark) of things and not allow the sadness. but in this case, he can't take his usual refuge in numbers/statistics because they're the cause of the grief.

American culture is so adverse to death it isn't even funny. Really, one of our biggest blind spots.

It does seem to be. My father seems to be keenly aware of his mortality. I know what he wants done with his body, who holds the medical power of attorney and that he doesn't expect to see his great-grandkids.

For a long time, he took a hard look at his habits--a 3 pack a day smoker (he quit at 48, 23 years ago now) and over weight and figured he wasn't likely to make it retirement. And I remember him saying "I won't always be here" even when I was a boy.

I don't know if that has left me more prepared, but I am more accepting of death.

My usual approach can't handle my death... because my usual approach includes 'don't die'.

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