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House Republicans Overplaying Their Hand
I haven't followed the current continuing resolution (CR) so this is going off my impressions of the current bill. The democrats have already negotiated themselves into a 33B in cuts from the current years budget--which is insanity in itself. But along with those are the House Republican policy measures contained as riders on the CR.

Currently the CR would defund Planned Parenthood, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the health insurance reform act and the EPA from enforcing certain regulations in the Clean Air Act and regulating CO2 as a green house gas.

My guess is that the noodle backed Democrats could have caved on any one of these policy riders--but what the Republicans have done is gone after all of them--instantly creating an alliance of the greens, the pro-choicers, the NPR fan, financial reform groups, and public health. You can throw in the public employee unions because they are all fired up right now too. Do you think that a highly concerned coalition of just about every major Democratic cause will actually get Senate Democrats and the President to tell the House, ok shut it down?

I say the sooner the Dems let the Republican's overplay their hand, the better off we will all be.

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I'd say the sooner both sides quit fighting petty fights over every single topic and try to meet in the middle, the better off we'll be. :)

I don't know how you cut this baby in half--the goals of the parties are very different.

The Dems want a large government good safety net system--the Republicans want a small government, Randian society.

And I really resent being asked (or commanded should Ryan's plan become law) to pay everyone else medical bills but assume much more of the risk myself when I retire in 30 years. Did you see what "coverage" looks like by the CBO's scoring by 2022?

One side keeps redefining their position, which pretty much redefines what "middle" means. That's been a winning strategy for three decades, which is why they're doing it extra fast now.

The other side has spent those same three decades giving in on the ~75-80% least important parts of their agenda without fighting, which is why it's been a winning strategy.

By current definition, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan were slightly on the liberal side of moderate. And the last Republican President who actually reduced the national debt? Definitely liberal, by current standards.

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