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Krugman Snark Vol II
4. Get your insults right. There is, I believe, a fair bit of evidence against the hypothesis that I’m stupid. What you mean to say is that I’m evil.

This Means War
Even though the Tax Package--and outrage--passed days ago--the though remains.

Obama's Tax "compromise" is nothing less then the declaration of class war.

Legislative powers are being used and abused to lower the taxes of the rich and its the poor who will pay. But you say the rich will save us all! They haven't yet, and they are 3 times richer now than they were 30 years ago. And I ask you a question: Why are the rich rich? Because they are able to save more than they spend. And the poor are poor because they spend far more of their income.

But, additionally, there was the estate tax change. The estate tax was created to retard the formation of dynastic wealth. Which has been substantially weakened. Then think about the highest paid people--just a small handful of them--the hedge fund managers. Some of them can make a billion dollars in a year. Yet their portion of the tax burden is only 15%--its all taxed as capital gains.

But what of the payroll tax? Well here's the thing--it comes out of social security and the Republicans have already said that the shortfall the tax break will cause is a reason to lower benefits.

So the rich can get richer.

Writer's Block: Immerse yourself in an online sport.
If you could immerse yourself in an online sport and get a real workout, what activity would you want it to be?

Not only could I, I look forward to it.

I have been MMOGing for 11 years. I have used the Wii Fit and the better Wii Active (and look forward to the Kinect version at some point--Kinet Active lets you use free weights--though I guess the Wii would too...hmm).

The NLF video workout game looks interesting, but I think that geeks are more attached to their fantasy, science fiction and comic memes, so I would go with some sort of fighting/dueling game. You know, playing in, say Soul Caliber 4, rather than just button mashing it. Easy to work in agility, speed and endurance trainings, and strength with the user's co-operation.

Marvel's Unlimited Class Wrestling, as an arena, spanning time and space.

Emersion Breaking
Been trying to remember that phrase for a good 3-4 days--and its been hanging out on the tip of my tongue, not coming to me.

Nihilism Streak
So I got an email from my father which eventually wondered onto the topic of politics. My father is very politically left and fairly active, giving money and appearing at the local county legislature now and again. So it comes a strong statement that in 2012 he will not vote for Obama given what he has seen in the first 2 years of this administration. What was more surprising was the timing--as it echoed the same thoughts I have been having.

Though my nihilism streak had kicked in and I am strongly tempted to vote for the rightest candidate for President I can so that we can get done with the death throes of this part of American history and move on to the next phase of America.

For about 10 years I thought it less likely that we would end up in a dystopian future of extreme class differentiations, corporate power and the like, when actually it is coming to pass. I am finding it harder and harder not to view the current round of politics as class warfare, with the rich ducking out of paying their fair share and then, when the cupboards are bare, saying we don't have enough money to pay for the social welfare programs that actually keep us from being a banana republic.

At some point Republicans in the lower classes will see that they are being lead by phantom dreams and that could be an ugly day indeed.

NFL: Pats Vs Jets
Hyped as the game of the year.


45-3 is an ass kicking, not a game. I should have turned it off after the 17-0 first quarter.
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Read In 2010
I seem to be off to a slow start--and here's the 09 list.

26-29) Eric Flint's 1632, 1633, 1634: The Baltic War and 1635: The Eastern Front though technically I read 1635 first, as it is deal with the Cossacks, which was a thread that petered out before the end of the book. Supposedly that will get its own full story at some point. Still fun reading. David Weber helped out with 1633 and 1634 there are themes that remind me powerfully re-awaken the fun of the Basil Blood-Hand books--they just might appear on this list soon.

24) John Scalzi's The God Engins One heck of a dark fantasy read. Excellent, other than the previously mentioned 3rd sentence.

23) William Shatner's Star Trek Memories Fun, light, interesting get insights on a show I only ever saw as reruns, forever.

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Worst Thrid Sentence?
More from Whatever, someone said this was the worst third sentence ever:

He found blood on the deck, an acolyte spurting one and lying shivering on the other, and the god prostrate in its iron circle, its chains shortened into the circle floor.

I know I never quite figured it out right before someone pointed it out. The action I understood, the grammar, if you will, escaped me.

Is my brain getting lazy?

Fix the Deficit
An interesting discussion over on Whatever.

Me I am tax kind of guy, out to get the rich: 70% from tax increase, 30% in reductions and massive surpluses in both 2015 and 2030 ($400b), leaving lots of room for reallocation. Frankly I would have cut somethings harder and gone for a single payer system too, but those weren't options.

My Budget.

Expected budget, which is the mirror image of mine.

Like Throwing Darts
I wonder how good doctors are at darts.

The wrist motion of getting a flu vaccine is the wrist motion of throwing a dart--into one's arm.

Weirder yet--it doesn't hurt. Until later--and I don't blame the needle for that, but the fluid coming into one place (I have no real evidence for this).

Changing gears, I do like the computerized medical records in the office. I find it reassuring to be able to talk to my doctor and have him able to pull up pertinent information from the previous year.

Generally I am in good health. Too fat, but I didn't need a doctor to tell me that. Good numbers, though while LDL (bad) cholesterol numbers were low, HDLs (good cholesterol) was even lower--possibly so low as to be bad. So more exercise in my life.
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